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Friday, September 08, 2017

Jerry Pournelle, RIP 8 Aug 2017

To all of you that date back to the BYTE Magazine, Viktor Toth just passed this bit of sad news, "Jerry Pournelle, the noted science-fiction writer, political pundit and early computer enthusiast, is dead at the age of 84."
Pournelle was a long-time collaborator of science-fiction giant Larry Niven, with whom they co-wrote some amazing science-fiction novels, like The Mote in God’s Eye or Oath of Fealty, not to mention their take on Dante’s Divine ComedyInferno, and its sequel, Escape from Hell. Novels he published under his own name included the memorable Janissaries or West of Honor.

Pournelle was well known to readers of the once legendary BYTE magazine. His Chaos Manor column, in which he reviewed software, hardware, new technologies, was very popular

I still have stacks of the BYTE Magazine out in the garage.
Trying to sell computers at the "Digital Deli" in Mountain View on weekends before I retired from the Navy back in 1983 seems like yesterday.

Someone who remembered Jerry.

Friday, September 8, 2017

R.I.P. Jerry Pournelle

>From Jerry’s son Alex:
I’m afraid that Jerry passed away
We had a great time at DragonCon
He did not suffer.

This page is for site visitors to post remembrances and thoughts at the time of Dr. Pournelle’s passing (8 Aug 2017).  Your thoughts can be added using the form at the bottom of this page. Comments that are not related to words of encouragement will be removed.
Dr. Pournelle’s family appreciates those that have taken the time to send encouragement and well wishes. – Editor.




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