Many folks would like to see us back on the Moon and developing its resources.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

BBC NEWS | Have Your Say | Ask astronaut Michael Foale: "Ask astronaut Michael Foale

A veteran of six space flights, British-born astronaut Michael Foale holds the US record for time spent in space.

He has logged over 374 days in orbit, including four spacewalks lasting all together more than 22 hours.

In 1997, he spent 145 days on the Russian space station Mir, during which he experienced a string of problems including a collision with a cargo craft, repeated computer crashes and a loss of power.

In 2003, he returned to space as the commander of the International Space Station, completing his tour of duty on 30 April 2004.

What is it like to live and work in space? Is it hard to cope with zero gravity? What does the future hold for space exploration? Will man ever reach Mars? Send us your comments and questions on space to our guest Michael Foale.

Michael Foale will be the special guest on our global phone-in programme, Talking Point, on 17 October at 1406GMT. Please include your phone number if you would like to put your question directly to Michael Foale. This will not appear on the website. "


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