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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Heinlein in Hollywood - In this week's issue of The Space Review

I know, I often copy items from Jeff Foust's "The Space Revew" but I
find he often has some interesting articles and I don't know if you all
are signed up to receive his e-mail alerts to what he has posted on the
web at -

Having read a few of Heinlein's books of late and having not seen any of
the movies based on them, I was interested in what was said about why
making films about the books was so difficult. My ulterior motive there
was to learn more about what might be the chances of seeing some movies
made about the possibilities of going back to the Moon for an extended
stay that would lead to lunar bases that were extended in size and maybe
had interesting stories to tell.

I have a stack of books on the coffee table that talk about the Apollo
missions, and talk about what would be required for a Lunar Base but I
haven't figured out how to tell an exciting story of building a Moon
Base. If I wanted to write a novel I could sign myself up to a month of
typing and see if I could generate 50,000 words that could later be
worked into something of interest.
What is NaNoWriMo?

Jeroen Lapre is still working on his Maesltrom II movie and making
progress. Hopefully we will soon see that showing. [See e-mail clip below.]
- LRK -

Bob MacBird commented on NASA's trailer on going to the Moon. When you
watch it you see that it ends up with the return craft leaving a lot of
huts behind. This sort of looks like what we did before, run up to the
Moon and then quit. Hope that isn't what happens for the future
missions. Would like to see something developed and not just leave
behind a ghost base on the Moon.
- LRK -

The entire movie as seen on YouTube:


More information in the links below.

Thanks for looking up with me.
- LRK -

Larry Kellogg

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Clipped from Jeff Foust's "The Space Review"
- LRK -

Welcome to this week's issue of The Space Review:

Space economies and economics
Since the beginning of the Space Age advocates of spaceflight have
sought to justify the billions spent on government space programs on
economic grounds. Jeff Foust reports on recent comments by NASA
administrator Mike Griffin on the "Space Economy" and the need for
more partnerships between the public and private sectors.

Heinlein in Hollywood
Robert A. Heinlein had a significant impact on science fiction and
spaceflight, but his legacy in translating his works to the big and
small screen is mixed at best. Dwayne Day examines that record and
why such adaptations have been so difficult.

Still crazy after four decades: The case for withdrawing from the
1967 Outer Space Treaty
It's been 40 years since the signing of the Outer Space Treaty, one
of the cornerstones of international space law. John Hickman
describes how the treaty has hindered, not supported, the development
and settlement of space, and why it may now be time to scrap it.

Please, Mr. Bezos
Blue Origin, the space venture founded by's Jeff Bezos,
has operated under a shroud of secrecy. Taylor Dinerman argues that
it would do the company, and the industry, some good to be a little
more open.

Review: Two Shadows on the Moon
As luck would have it, a documentary film about the Apollo Moon
landings shares a title with a new book on the same topic. Jeff
Foust reviews the two and finds that despite the different media, the
two have much more in common than their titles.

Articles previously published in The Space Review:

[Check them out if you are not on Jeff's e-mail list. - LRK -]
Dear Maesltrom II Crew, Consultants, and Friends,

I am pleased to inform you that the first third of the Maelstrom II edit
is locked!

The website has been updated with these latest animatics:

There is now a link in the left sidebar called Animatics.
You may need to refresh your browser to see the updates.

Click on the Animatics link to go to the animatics page.

Now that these shots have been locked, this means that we can assign
visual effects tasks for the shots, toward the completion of the film.

Best wishes,

-jeroen lapre
digital artist

Fred Becker brought this list of links on why we should explore space to
a committee we are on.
See if any of them has information that might help you answer the TOUGH
- LRK -
Planetary Society
Why We Explore
by James D. Burke
James D. Burke is Technical Editor of The Planetary Report.

Why We Explore
(Note this is archived, the current site lists only the planetary items).
Current Version

Mike Griffin

Why America Needs to Explore Space
By Neil deGrasse Tyson
Published: August 5, 2007

Why Explore Space?
By Dr. Ernst Stuhlinger
Member of the Alexander Order

NSS Statement of Philosophy

A Business Plan for the Development of the Langrange Points:
The Gateway to the High Frontier
Jay Thomas
Steven J. Neurauter

4 Frontiers Library
Numerous documents along these lines.

Apollo 11
The July 16, 1969 Launch: A Symbol of Man's Greatness
By Ayn Rand
Excerpted from "Apollo 11," The Objectivist, September, 1969

Space Quotes to Ponder
Collected by Sylvia Engdahl
To survive
To preserve Earth
To eliminate war
To grow
Time is running out...
To evolve
...To achieve the goal visionaries have foreseen

Space and Human Survival
A serious links page about this subject.




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