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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Another Apollo Astronaut Film - "The Wonder Of It All"

There has been talk of late about the movie, "In the Shadow of the
Moon", that has Ron Howard's name tacked on to get your attention. 

Another movie coming out and has had some special showings is, "The
Wonder Of It All", a documentary film by Jeffrey Roth.

Ron Wells sent me this bit of information.
While it was very interesting to see those guys now in their mid- to
late-seventies and listen to them after all this time, I would like to
bring to your attention another film about the Apollo astronauts which
Jack Schmitt mentioned to me recently. This one features only 7 of those
who walked on the moon, and is called "The Wonder of it All". The
website for it is:

You should have a look through the various pages. When you see the
"screening" link, you will note that it is at present limited to special
presentations, some of them introduced by the astronauts themselves.

This is a link to a trailer to the film.

and information about ordering information.

and some photos.
Thanks for looking up with me.
- LRK -

Larry Kellogg

Web Site:
RSS link:

    Only 12 men in history have walked on the moon and yet there is no
personal account of how these historical missions affected each man
personally. The Wonder of it All recounts the narrative of their
journeys from childhood to the present. The story unfolds as each
astronaut talks candidly about his adventure, with never heard
statements until now.

   This film has been in the making for 2 years. Our goal is to make a
humanistic story that shows these remarkable men talking about there
lives and how walking on the moon affected each one personally. We have
conducted in depth interviews with 7 of the men that made these
journeys. With over 12 hours of footage that we shot, we had the
painstaking task of narrowing that down to 90 minutes.

Moonwalkers interviewed for the The Wonder of it All include:
# Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11
# Alan Bean, Apollo 12
# Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14
# John Young, Apollo 16
# Charles Duke, Apollo 16
# Eugene Cernan, Apollo 17
# Harrison Schmitt, Apollo 17


*The Wonder of It All*
Special Movie Screening
Saturday, October 13
8:00 PM
Lockheed Martin IMAX® Theater <>
National Mall Building
Admission: Free, Tickets Required
*Ticket Request Form <>

Join the National Air and Space Society for a special showing of The
Wonder of It All, introduced by Director/Executive Producer Jeffrey
Roth. This award-winning 90-minute documentary features interviews with
seven moonwalkers who talk about their lives and how walking on the moon
affected them personally.  Many of the photos in the film were donated
by the astronauts from their private collections and have never been
seen before.

After the movie, Roth will answer questions about his passion for
preserving human spaceflight history and his experiences in making this

This is a National Air and Space Society event.

The Wonder of it All is a critically acclaimed and award-winning film by
Jeffrey Roth. Not typical of all the other Apollo tributes and memoirs,
this film focuses on most Apollo moonwalkers and details how their lives
were influenced by being one of only a dozen humans to set foot on
another world. All but one of these men will be at Spacefest.
Note: Spacefest 2007 is now over but the web site has some interesting
information. [August 17-18-19 at the Mesa Convention Center]



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