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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Apollo 8 and their Christmas Message

Raymond Potter in Sydney Australia sent me an e-mail which reminded me
of the InsideKSC talk about Apollo 8 and the Christmas Message that was
sent to Earth from their orbit around the Moon.

Christmas is already gone but you can listen to the Apollo 8 message.

The folks at Honeysuckle Creek in Australia recorded a lot of the Apollo
8 mission when their Deep Space Network antennas had a view period for
the mission going around the Moon.

Apollo 8 - The Mission To The Moon Is Won

Apollo 8 Audio recorded at Honeysuckle.

Many thanks to Hamish Lindsay and those folks that were a part of this
mission there Down Under.

Thanks for looking up with me.

Larry Kellogg

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# Dec 26 - Asteroid 1737 Severny Occults HIP 111710 (5.0 Magnitude Star)
# Dec 26 - Asteroid 2005 HB4 Near-Mars Flyby (0.031 AU)
# Dec 27 - Asteroid 1672 Gezelle Occults HIP 106199 (6.6 Magnitude Star)
# Dec 27 - Asteroid 15000 CCD Closest Approach To Earth (1.955 AU)
# Dec 28 - Cassini, Orbital Trim Maneuver #141 (OTM-141)
# Dec 28 - Asteroid 2007 VY7 Near-Earth Flyby (0.068 AU)
# Dec 28 - Asteroid 2003 YT70 Near-Earth Flyby (0.075 AU)
# Dec 28 - Asteroid 2007 DD Near-Earth Flyby (0.095 AU)
# Dec 28 - Asteroid 2007 WE55 Near-Earth Flyby (0.097 AU)
# Dec 28 - Asteroid 6030 Zolensky Closest Approach To Earth (2.135 AU)
# Dec 28 - Asteroid 6487 Tonyspear Closest Approach To Earth (2.187 AU)
# Dec 28 - Arthur Eddington's 125th Birthday (1882)
NASA Center: Headquarters
Image # : 68-HC-870
Date : 12/29/1968

Earthrise - Apollo 8

Full Description
This view of the rising Earth greeted the Apollo 8 astronauts as they
came from behind the Moon after the lunar orbit insertion burn. The
photo is displayed here in its original orientation, though it is more
commonly viewed with the lunar surface at the bottom of the photo. Earth
is about five degrees left of the horizon in the photo. The unnamed
surface features on the left are near the eastern limb of the Moon as
viewed from Earth. The lunar horizon is approximately 780 kilometers
from the spacecraft. Height of the photographed area at the lunar
horizon is about 175 kilometers.

Image Information ( Copyright Notification )
Resolution Format Width (Pixels) Height (Pixels) Size(KBytes)
Thumbnail <>
.jpg 90 72 4
Small <>
.jpg 640 512 59
Medium <>
.jpg 1500 1200 230
Large <>
.jpg 1 2400 972
Tracking Apollo to the Moon (Hardcover)
by Hamish Lindsay (Author) "We know the last step of our journey along
the track to the Moon's surface down to a second, but who can isolate
the first...

"Hamish Lindsay has done a marvellous job of telling the story of manned
space flight He has given his readers a sort of encyclopedia of the
beginning of man's quest for flight into space. This is followed with a
splendid description of the real time operations of all of the major
missions. As one who lived through the Camelot period of space in the
60s and knows the trauma we all endured, I am greatly impressed with the
detail and authenticity of the stories that Hamish so vividly tells. For
example, as I read Hamish's account of the Apollo 11 and 13 missions, I
could again imagine myself back in mission control reliving some of the
finest moments of my life...Those of you who are fortunate to read
Hamish Lindsay's account will be much richer for it."
NASA's First Flight Director and Retired Director of the NASA Johnson
Space Center




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