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Monday, March 16, 2009

ATWG - Aerospace Technology Working Group

Welcome to the Aerospace Technology Working Group! We are a group of seasoned aerospace and other professionals who seek to further humanity’s exploration of space while simultaneously benefiting people on earth. We hold semi-annual and special forums to discuss and treat topics judged pertinent to developing a space-faring people. Using our substantial base of engineering and scientific expertise, we provide fee-based strategic and technical consulting, public speaking, and ATWG member teams to work specific targeted areas. Emphasis is on the use of systems engineering and system of systems engineering, while accounting for the broader effects on other industries, programs, the environment, and the day-to-day lives of this planet’s inhabitants. We collaborate actively with other space-related national and international organizations. We conduct our work using both conventional and advanced communication and computer methods.

We perform service work in the field of inspiring our youth to pursue science and technical education and work careers. Part of our mission is to mentor younger upcoming technical professionals. We provide opportunities for professionals retiring from the regular workforce to continue their interesting careers at their own pace and receive recompense for their efforts. Membership is open to professionals and professionals-to-be of any age.

I made mention of a paper that Buzz Aldrin participated in that was published by folks associated with the ATWG.

Sustainable Space Exploration and Space Development - A Unified Strategic Vision

I thought it might be interesting to see what these folks are doing.
- LRK -

They sponsored a book back in 2006, "Beyond Earth - The Future of Humans In Space".

You might be interested in reading some of the reviews of the book on - LRK -.
Product Description
Providing a foundation for space planners and anyone interested in human settlement in the solar system, this book theorizes about the near future, when the heretofore significant steps of humankind—traveling to the moon and building space stations—will be dwarved by new progress. Scholars and scientists raise and answer such questions as Why does space matter to us? What will ordinary life be like in space? and What will our homes be like on Mars or the Moon? This collection of findings by professionals documents important research, laying the bricks for space-faring civilizations and even consults future space-dwellers—kids—for their visions. Working from the assumption that humankind has a biological need to explore and improve the quality of life, the wide variety of contributors successfully argue that space as a future human habitat is not simply possible, but manifest.

*About the Author*
*Bob Krone, PhD*, is a former U.S. Air Force jet pilot, commander, headquarters personnel officer, and chief of the nuclear policy section of NATO. He is an emeritus professor of systems management at the University of Southern California, a distinguished visiting professor in the school of business at La Sierra University, and an adjunct professor for doctoral programs for the International Graduate School of Business at the University of South Australia. He is also a member of the Aerospace Technology Working Group. He lives in Fallbrook, California.

I haven't read the book as yet. Maybe I could add it to the pile on the coffee table that I haven't read either. Where does the time go?
If you have looked at the book, let me know what you think of it.
- LRK -

Thanks for looking up with me.

Larry Kellogg

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Next ATWG Roundtable Forum:
Transportation Challenges Workshop
Mar 31-April 1st, 2009
Marshall Spaceflight Center Area
Huntsville, Alabama
Theme: Space Transportation for the 21st Century

*Proposals for the Obama Transition Team *(Dec 2008)

National Security

Space Based Solar Power

Space Applications and Infrastructure


NSS Technical Support Workshop
May 26-27, 2009
Orlando, Florida

Theme: *Forward Thrust for our Nation’s Space Program*

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The Aerospace Technology Working Group (ATWG) was instituted by NASA Administrator Richard Truly in 1990 as an independent body to work future planning for the nation’s space efforts. Initially, the ATWG began identifying and seeking improvements in both existing and developing space systems through planned application of emerging technologies and the development of new ways of doing business, including the application of distributed missions and innovative operations strategic concepts.

These underlying efforts have gradually expanded to include emphasis on (1) promoting and stimulating education in the sciences, mathematics, the engineering disciplines, and other technical areas , and (2) proposing space-related endeavors that can bring simultaneous benefit to life on Earth. Starting in 2006, members began to transform the ATWG from a predominantly forum-oriented organization to one which, in addition, would provide for-fee consulting services, professional mentoring for upcoming aerospace professions, and student outreach activities. In 2008, these additional activities began coming online.

Participants in the ATWG forum meetings have included and include today experts from the various program elements of NASA, aerospace contractors, leading systems suppliers, entrepreneurial businesses, professional societies, universities and multiple other government agencies such as the DOD, FAA, and DOE.

Purpose and Goals
The purposes and goals of the ATWG are:
* To promote and develop new ideas and innovations on issues pertaining to aerospace and aeronautics,
* To leverage the diversity and depth of experience present among the multi-disciplinary ATWG members to examine critical technical and human capital issues in aerospace,
* To provide timely and specific recommendations concerning what options and programs can and ought to be pursued,
* To identify and seek improvements in both existing and developing space systems and operations though planned application of emerging technologies and the development of innovative ways of doing business,
* To conduct strands of activity that produce income for those members engaged in said activities and for keeping our organization financially functional,
* To protect intellectual property rights of ATWG and its members, while providing service and guidance,
* To provide mentoring of the upcoming aerospace professionals in ATWG’s system-of-systems and broad-view perspective analyses, thought production, and resultant actions,
* To encourage and inspire students to pursue education in the areas of science, engineering, mathematics, and related technical subjects, and
* To stimulate comradeship, inspiration, and professional development among ATWG members.




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