Many folks would like to see us back on the Moon and developing its resources.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Spektr-R's orbit on Jul 25 was 1248 x 334727 km x 51.83 deg, stretching nearly to lunar distance - as reported in JSR

So how hard is it to reach the orbit of the M, m, m, Moon?  
Sorry for the stuttering, I thought someone was looking over my shoulder.
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Spektr-R and space radio astronomy
After an initial partially successful attempt on Jul 22, the RadioAstron
antenna was successfully unfurled and locked in place on Jul 23
(according to reports on According to data
provided by Vladimir Agapov, Spektr-R's orbit on Jul 25 was  1248 x
334727 km x 51.83 deg, stretching nearly to lunar distance.
[Read more on JSR about space radio astronomy - LRK -]

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Jonathan's Space Report No. 645 2011 Aug 16

A look at the has some interesting articles.
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Science and Technology
Soyuz to send Gaia 1.5 million kilometers from Earth
Phobos-Grunt spacecraft design
Russia plans new solar telescope

There seems to be an interest in launching to space.

In January 2011, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin promised to allocate 115 billion rubles from the federal budget for national space projects during that year. The total of about 50 spacecraft would be delivered to orbit (during 2011), Putin said at the meeting of a committee on the 50th anniversary of Gagarin's mission. (451) In the meantime, head of Roskosmos, Anatoly Perminov, promised 48 space launches during 2011. He also promised agreements on space cooperation with Israel, Vietnam, Nigeria, Belarus, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. On the military side, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the purchase during 2011 of 36 strategic ballistic missiles (apparently includingBulava and Topol-M ICBMs), 20 aircraft-carried cruise missiles and the a total of 21 air-defense missile systems S-300V4, Buk-M2 and Tor-M. (462)
snipTHE WORLD'S ORBITAL LAUNCH ATTEMPTS IN 2011 (as of August 9, 2011 ):

Launch date
Time of launch
Launch vehicle
Launch site
Launch complex
Launch pad

06:31 Moscow Summer Time
Spacecraft design
The heart of the telescope would be a 10-meter antenna, sporting 27 carbon fiber petals. Petals surrounded a solid focal dish with a diameter of three meters. When open, the mirror of the telescope would have to retain its position within just two millimeters of the pre-determined curve. The spacecraft was designed to be launched by the Zenit rocket with the Fregat upper stage.
Navigator service module
Like all other space observatories in the Spektr series, the Spektr-R mission was built around the standard Navigator platform, which served as a service module for the spacecraft. It provided navigation, power-supply and flight control functions for the Spektr-R mission.

Hope we get to see some Lunar X prize participants launch.
Maybe NASA should auction off some of the Apollo Moon Rocks and see what kind of commercial interest could be generated.
There at least seems to be an illegal interest, why not make it legal.
- LRK -

Missing Apollo 11 Moon Dust Found At Auction Returned To NASA

By JIM SALTER   06/23/11 06:52 PM ET  

ST. LOUIS -- The few specks of dust stuck to a small swatch weren't much to look at, but federal prosecutors said Thursday that those flecks, which were set to be auctioned off in St. Louis, came from the moon via Apollo 11 and have been sent back to NASA where they belong.
Richard Callahan, the U.S. attorney for eastern Missouri, said the dust is believed to be at least part of what authorities say was smuggled out of Johnson Space Center by a National Aeronautics and Space Administration worker years ago. It was discovered in St. Louis just before it was to be auctioned.
It is illegal for individuals to own moon material, but Callahan's office said the auction consignor was a woman who was not involved in buying the dust and didn't know how it came to her late husband. No arrest was madesnip-------------------------------------------------------------------------
M, m, m, Moon, there I said it again.
Thanks for looking up with me.
China looks ready to launch a small space lab into orbit, space policy experts report, perhaps as soon as this month.
The 8.5-ton Tiangong I space lab, the next step in China's manned space program, follows three successful launches of Chinese astronauts, or Taikonauts, into orbit in the last decade.
25 Good Reasons to Go to the Moon
[Will continue looking for reasons that the general public would support going to the Moon. - LRK-] 



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