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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Humans LIVING on the Moon by ????

Humans LIVING on the Moon by ????

by SpecialK
Humans LIVING on the Moon by --- Aaah that is the question. since I am 79 and thought we would be doing more with the Apollo missions, more after the Lunar Prospector mission found indications of water at the Lunar poles, or more after the later orbiters having looked down at the Moon with more and more information about the potential for benefiting  from Lunar resources.
How about this date?

AS Nasa hopes to be the first to put a man on Mars, the European Space Agency (ESA) has altogether different ambitions, saying that it wants to colonise the Moon.

The ESA says that it wants to set up a lunar base by 2030, but in the decade prior to this, it will send astronauts back and forth for testing.
However, it said in a statement that it won’t be competing with Nasa, which has previously stated that it wants to colonise the planet, but envisions “international cooperation and commercial participation.”
Back in March of 2016 the Daily Mail posted a closer date.

'We could be living on the moon by 2022': Nasa claims a 'cheap' $10 billion lunar base will be ready for humans in just six years

  • Proposals look at low-cost solutions for a permanent base on the moon
  • They say a base capable of supporting 10 people could be built by 2022
  • This could then be expanded to house more than 100 people in a decade 
  • Many of the technologies needed already exist on the ISS and on Earth
PUBLISHED: 08:04 EDT, 24 March 2016 UPDATED: 12:48 EDT, 24 March 2016
It is widely regarded as one of the greatest human achievements ever made, but putting a man on the moon was no cheap undertaking.
The Apollo missions to send just 12 men onto the dusty lunar surface cost £25 billion (£17 billion) – estimated to be worth around $170 billion (£120 billion) in modern monetary value.
But it appears we may be able to send humans back to our rocky satellite and set up a permanent base where they could live for just a fraction of the cost.
Popular Science also says only 10 years we could be back on the Moon. Hold a conference and we get lots of posts. Could help with the MEME: = THE MOON IS OUR NEXT INHABITED PLANET.

We Could Be Living On The Moon In 10 Years Or Less

And it wouldn't actually be that expensive, thanks to robots, 3D printing, and SpaceX
I guess we have had a lot of plans and ideas for a lunar base.
The hard part seems to be getting back with real feet on the ground.  I hope we can come up with a long term plan to incrementally build a working economy with our nearest neighbor.
The Chinese have published their plans for the use of space and landing on the Moon.

Full text of white paper on China’s space activities in 2016

Updated: Dec 28,2016 9:21 AM     China Daily
The Information Office of the State Council on Dec 27 published a white paper on China’s space activities in 2016. Following is the full text:
I. Purposes, Vision and Principles of Development
II. Major Developments Since 2011
III. Major Tasks for the Next Five Years
IV. Policies and Measures for Development
V. International Exchanges and Cooperation
Could we use some more ideas for a lunar base?
Check out these visuals at Pinterest.

Space exploration (base/station)


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