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Monday, February 07, 2005

Science & Space

China's next manned space mission in 2005

BEIJING, China (AP) -- China has said its second manned space mission will take place in September or October 2005, and will involve two astronauts orbiting for up to five days.

The official Xinhua News Agency said on Thursday Shenzhou 6 will have a four- or five-day flight with two astronauts aboard, citing Sun Laiyan, director of China National Space Administration.

The astronauts will carry out unspecified scientific tests while in orbit, Xinhua said.

The government said earlier it hoped to carry out the flight before the end of 2005.

If it occurs, it will come two years after China became the third nation to launch a human into space on its own, firing Yang Liwei into orbit.

In October 2003, Yang circled the Earth 14 times and landed by parachute in China's northern grasslands after a 21 1/2-hour flight.

China attaches enormous national pride to its space program, and Yang has become a celebrity. In addition to China, only Russia and the United States have sent humans into space on their own.

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