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Friday, January 28, 2005

Workshop on ionising particle measurements in space

31 January - 2 February 2005

/Workshop Presentations/

Workshop on Ionising Particle Measurements in Space
ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, 31 January - 2 February 2005

(updated 2005-01-18)
*Monday 31 January* *
*09.00-10.00* *Registration and coffee*

*10.00* Welcome and Scope (A. Mohammadzadeh, P. Nieminen/ESA-ESTEC, S. Bourdarie/ONERA)
*10.15* Radiation Monitoring - ESA Missions and Strategy (E. Daly/ESA-ESTEC)
*10.45* ESA Standard Radiation Environment Monitor (SREM) Activities (J. Schneider/Contraves Space AG)

*11.15* *Coffee/Tea*

*11.30* CNES Activities on Ionising Particle Measurements (R. Ecoffet, E. Lorfevre, A. Corominas-Murtra, A. Sicard-Piet, M. Moulin/CNES, D. Falguere, T. Nuns, S. Duzellier, D. Boscher, S. Bourdarie/ONERA-DESP, J.A. Savaud/CESR, G. Sarrabayrouse/LAAS, J. Gasiot, L. Dusseau/CEM-USTL)
*12.00* Monitoring Capabilities of the Earth Charged Particle Environment (S. Bourdarie/ONERA, R. Ecoffet/CNES, J-A. Savaud/CESR, D. Boscher/ONERA)
*12.30* The MERLIN Space Weather Hazard Monitor and Its Sensor Suite (Comprising CREDO and SURF) (C.S. Dyer, K.A. Ryden/QinetiQ)

*13.00* *Lunch

**14.00* Observations of the Space Radiation Environment by the CRE/CEDEX Radiation Monitoring Payload and Its Planned Flight on the Galileo System Test-Bed Satellite (GSTB-V2-A) (C.I. Underwood/Surrey Space Center, S. Jason/Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd.)
*14.30 *SenSys (Sensor Systems) MRM: Miniature Radiation Monitors, Past Present, and Plans (C.P.W. Boeder, SenSys)
*15.00 *SOHO/ERNE: Instrument Description and Available Data (E. Valtonen, University of Turku)

*15.30 Coffee/Tea*

*15.45* The AMS01 Experience and the LAZIO Project (G. Esposito/Univ. Perugia/INFN)
*16.15 *Silicon-Strip Detectors and Human-Related Factors of Radiation in Space (C. Fuglesang/ESA-EAC)
*16.45 *DOSTEL - an LET Spectrometer Designed for Dose Assessment for Astronauts (G. Reitz/DLR)
*17.15 *The Aerospace Space-Radiation "Dosimeter on a Chip" (W.R. Crain, jr, D.J. Mabry, and J.B. Blake/The Aerospace Corporation)

*17.45 *Discussion

*18.00 End*

*Tuesday 1 February* * *09.15* The Use of RADFETs for Space Dosimetry (A. Jaksic, V. Ogourtsov/Tyndall National Institute)
*09.45* SREM - Performance in Space (P. Bühler)
*10.10* Radiation Environment Research from Multiple Monitors (S. Bourdarie, D. Boscher/ONERA, P. Nieminen/ESA, R. Ecoffet/CNES, P. Bühler, P. Stauning/DMI, M. Cyamukungu/CSR, D. Heynderickx, K. Stegen/BIRA, S. Clucas/QinetiQ)
*10.40* Analysis of Data from the Miniature Radiation Monitor on PROBA-1 (L. Soung Yee/ESA-ESTEC)

*11.00* *Coffee/Tea*

*11.15* SMART-1 Anomalies Investigation (G. Milito, L. Giulicchi, A. Mohammadzadeh,/ESA-ESTEC)
*11.35* IPSAT: Ionising Particle in Space Analysis Tool (S. Bourdarie, A. Sicard, D. Boscher/ONERA)
*11.55* A Radiation Monitor for LISA Pathfinder (P. Wass, H. Araujo, J. Quenby, D Shaul, T. Sumner /Imperial College London, I Martinez, M Chmeissani /IFAE, Barcelona, C Boatella, A Lobo / IEEC, Barcelona, C Grimani / University of Urbino and INFN, H Vocca / University of Perugia and INFN)
*12.20* PHOEBUS: A Proposal for Solar Physics on LISA (C. Grimani / Univ. Urbino and INFN, H. Vocca / Univ. Perugia and INFN)

*12.45 Lunch*

*13.45* Standard Particle and X-Ray Monitor, SPAXMON (J. Stenberg, Patria Oy)
*14.15* Small Low Energy Electron Detector for Space Applications (W. Hajdas, C. Eggel, A. Mchedlishvili, A. Zehnder/PSI, A. Mohammadzadeh, P. Nieminen/ESA-ESTEC)
*14.45 *Radiation Monitoring Studies for Future ESA Missions (P. Assis, P. Brogueira, P. Goncalves, D. Maia, M. Pimenta, B. Tome/LIP Lisbon)

*15.15 Coffee/Tea*

*15.30* The Energetic Particle Telescope (EPT) (M. Cyamukungu, S. Benck, G. Gregoire, P. Leleux, J. Lemaire/Center for Space Radiations, Louvain-la-Neuve)
*16.00* European Current Development of the General Standard Environment Monitor (GSEM) (J. Schneider/Contraves Space AG)
*16.30* Round Table discussion on future radiation monitor developments, flight opportunities, and coordination
*17.50* Conclusions (E. Daly, A. Mohammadzadeh, P. Nieminen/ESA-ESTEC, S. Bourdarie/ONERA)

*18.00* *End*

25 page, PDF file of all the abstracts from the workshop. 2 meg.

Individual PDF abstract files are selected from the agenda.html page above if you want to only look at one abstract at a time. - LRK -


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