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Monday, January 03, 2005

Welcome to the Seafriends web site for saving our seas. Become an informed conservationist by learning about our planet, oceans, land and resources, threats and what to do. Tap into our independent analyses and courage to tell the truth.

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Begin this web site from the slide show gallery autorun.htm. Is this web site a load of uninformed opinion?

Visit these important new chapters on our web site
Degradation: finally the most important chapter on this web site, explaining how marine degradation works and why we are losing so much so fast. A must-read for all who wish to understand this new and rapidly increasing threat to the coastal zone and our fisheries.
Niue: an extensive section about Niue Island, geography, history, ecology and its future with many images and a slide show on the 2005 CD.
Cyclone Heta wreaks havoc on the island nation of Niue. Why was it so powerful and destructive?
Myths11: an analysis of DoC-published monitoring results reveals the poor state of our marine reserves. The public is woefully misled by a rogue government department, serving itself with a long litany of misleading information and lies, carefully documented and rebutted by us. A must-read for community and business leaders, politicians, councillors, schools and the media.
Understanding the public statements of Dr Daniel Pauly: embarassing, naive.
Laugh and learn from the war-toons part1, cartoons illustrating issues in the marine reserves debate. War-toons2.
The war for marine reserves: the NZ Government is waging a war against its own people for little benefit in return. Only reading is believing. Many articles and the latest marine reserve proposals. The value of Seafriends to democracy is priceless.
Mimiwhangata reserve proposal the latest marine reserve proposal, revealing and embarrassing.
FAQs - frequently asked questions with honest & revealing answers - must read. Your first intro to marine conservation and myths about marine reserves.
Myths The myths and fallacies in our thinking. Environmentalists, politicians, scientists exposed. Ugly.
Conservation principles . What are the threats? What do we want to achieve? How is it done and how can it fail? Protecting a species, a spot, a habitat and more. Conservation Index.
Resource management - What are resources? How do they behave? How can they be managed sustainably? Could you do it? Manage your life?
Biodiversity - What is it? How is it threatened? What is extinction and how does nature become resilient? What are ecosystem services? Biosecurity? How does the sea differ?
Marine Conservation - benefits of marine reserves, and what they can and cannot do. How they can fail and bring false expectations.
Goat Island - NZ's first marine reserve. Learn about its history, environment, dive spots and more, with over 200 illustrations & photos.
To feed or not? Is feeding the fish inside a marine reserve bad? Learn the inside story.
Lessons from Leigh the good, the bad and the ugly about the Leigh marine reserve. Did you know?
Kermadecs - the jewel in the crown of NZ's marine reserves. Why? Where is it? What lives there and under what circumstances? Over 120 gorgeous under water photos and spotted black groupers.
Science, technology and human nature - they made our culture big, but are also driving us into disaster. Now we hope they will save us. Do we stand a chance against global threats and engrained beliefs?
Mining the sea sand. Society needs a lot of it, but can it be mined sustainably? How could it affect beaches? Sea life?
Soil is the world's most precious resource, and also the most maligned and least understood. We're losing it fast. Why? Can it feed us all? What can you do? Learn about sustainability and erosion.
Why are we losing our beaches everywhere in the world? It is not what scientists think. A must-read for action.
Oceanography or the science of how clockwork planet ticks. Can you live without knowing where you are?

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