Many folks would like to see us back on the Moon and developing its resources.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Seafriends - Soil: use, sustainability and conservation

Soil is not only our most important resource, but also the most maligned and misunderstood. The world population will double in a mere forty years, but agricultural output is not keeping up with demand. In the process, precious soil is lost, waterways and coastal seas polluted. Humans obviously need to be much more knowledgeable about this problem. What is soil? Where does it come from? What kinds of soil exist? Are all soils fertile? How does soil work? Can all places on the planet be farmed? How much food can the planet make? How do we lose soil? How can we prevent erosion? What damage is caused by erosion? What is sustainability? Can soil be farmed sustainably? What can we do?

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