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Monday, January 03, 2005

Humanity's Option For Successoption

Applying Design Science towards humanity's success

Humanity has the option to succeed...
Civilization has been in the midst of a design revolution which is continuing to accelerate the efficiency of technological performance, resource utilization and communication. Research over the last 25 years suggests that, as a result of this trend, humanity now has the historically unprecedented option to produce a high standard of living for all people on an ecologically sustainable basis.

The existence of such a profound possibility remains largely obscured and on the outer-most fringe of public dialogue. Given humanity’s enormous impact on the Earth’s natural systems, compounded by the prospect of our population doubling within the next fifty years, well-informed debate concerning this unparalleled opportunity for comprehensive planetary success must take a place on center stage.

BFI believes that the success of the human experiment on-board Spaceship Earth depends greatly upon individuals having access to tools which empower them to see the Big Picture and take strategic action. The decisive challenge is to generate a critical mass of awareness, matched by cohesive effort, focused on implementing our option for success before it expires.

We are in the process of developing this site to be a provider of comprehensive access to resources and information relevant to humanity’s success. Our intention is to develop this site to serve an expanding global constituency actively working to solve problems both on a local and global scale. This highly decentralized audience is rapidly being connected by the Internet which has become the fastest growing medium for efficiently mobilizing grassroots support and building critical mass in specialized fields.

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