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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Good day,

You are part of a community interested in looking up and seeing how the events in space (well near space for now) unfold.- LRK -

There are a number of groups on the Internet that cover topics of interest related to the space effort and I sometimes copy too much, especially if you are already getting this info on your own.

Since I cannot see over the foot lights from this stage I only know you from what you throw my way.

I find it enjoyable to feel the common interest in looking up together and appreciate the whispers in my ear as you do so with me.

STS-114 Status Report
NASA STS-114 Mission Status Report #01 26 July 2005

Discovery launched into a clear Florida sky this morning, returning the Shuttle fleet to space and beginning a journey of exploration to the Moon, Mars and beyond.

Discovery lifted off at 9:39 a.m. central time today following a flawless countdown. Over the next 11 days, Discovery's seven person crew will demonstrate techniques for inspecting and protecting the Shuttle's thermal protection system and continue assembly of the International Space Station. Today's launch was the first for a Shuttle since the loss of Columbia and its crew
in February 2003.

Discovery's climb to orbit was extensively documented through a system of new and upgraded ground-based cameras, radar systems and airborne cameras aboard high altitude aircraft. The imagery captured of Discovery's launch, and additional imagery from laser systems on a new boom extension for the Shuttle's robot arm as well as data from sensors embedded in the Shuttle's wings, will help mission managers determine the health of Discovery's thermal protection system over the next several days prior to its scheduled Aug.7 landing.

Thanks to the Internet I am able to share with you from the middle of the USA where my daughter is stationed in the Army at Fort Leonard Wood, MO,+MO - LRK -

Maybe someday from the Moon. - LRK -
If you want to see where you live you can down load a program from GOOGLE for this Earth.
- LRK -
Fly from space to your neighborhood. Type in an address and zoom right in.
Larry Kellogg
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[as seen at the InsideKSC Yahoo groups list fromPhilip Sloss] - LRK -

There's a lot of new video from today's events...we posted several countdown videos and the standard launch video, along with ET camera views during second stage. So we're going let that get distributed for a bit before posting more video. We're still discussing mirroring possibilities, too.

FYI, the WB-57 video has already been broadcast and we have copies of that; for now, NASA has posted a niceclip of it; here's the direct link:

Philip Sloss

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[ Another clip from InsideKSC from Ben ] - LRK -

I just want to second that of course. Spectacular, bone throttling launch from the press site...I've been waiting nearly three years to hear that again. I almost cried it was so powerful and beautiful. Some of my photos will be on later, and checkout my site in a few days when I upload them. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

- Ben

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What a beautiful and spectacular launch!!!!!!!

Oh they all are, but as we all know this one was pretty signifigant and poignant. Listening to the exchange between Mission Control and that cool as a cucumber Commander Eileen Collins, was a thing of beauty as well. I've said it before, I'll say it again - she was THE Commander to be n this flights cockpit. Her last flight, by the way, as she'll be leaving NASA after this flight, and has already retired from theUSAF. A shame - as she was guaranteed at least 1 star- and who knows where she would've gone in NASA.
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[ Interest from around the world. ] - LRK -
Presently beamed into Europe via Sat TV , NASA TV
showing the wing scanning boom in action....good pics


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This from, when I posted the question:
Herb Schaltegger Jul 27, 9:22 amNewsgroups:

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Find messages by this authorDate: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 09:22:33 -0500Local: Wed,Jul 27 2005 9:22 am
>Subject: Re: Burn through on SRB from WB57 video?

It appears to be nothing more than recirculation of exhaust gases around the base of the stack due to flow separation at the low ambient pressure during that phase of flight prior to SRB sep, as seen on previous flights, but examination of the recovered SRBs (and the film from the SRB cams) will tell the full tale.

Quoting DRLunsford <antimatter33 at>:> WB-57 chase plane video:
> > > >
There appears to be a burn-through of the SRB, as inthe Challenger accident - first visible as a faint glow at about 1:28 and clearly visible by 1:47,shortly before SRB separation.
> > -drl> >
Thanks for looking up with me.- LRK -

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