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Monday, April 21, 2008

Phil Plait's Moon Hoax London Speech - Report

Maurizio sent me a copy of his post about seeing Phil Plait talk about the Moon Hoax.
Copied below.

There are still some that seem to think we never went to the Moon and yet scientists have been studying the materials brought back for some time.
Maybe we should just action off Moon Rocks and make some expensive Lunar Jewelry.
Hope we start bringing stuff back again and that it goes on a World Tour. :-)

Thanks for looking up with me.
Hello Larry

Just back from attending a speech on the Moon Hoax by renowned Phil
Plait aka "The Bad Astronomer". Perhaps your reader may find it

I had the honour to attend tonight in London a speech by Phil Plait
"The Bad Astronomer" on the "Moon Hoax Hoax" (i.e. the hoax perpetrated
by those that believe the Apollo manned lunar landings were a fake).

The presentation was organized by the UK's Skeptic Magazine as part of
their Skeptics in the Pub's monhtly gathering, taking advantage of
Plait's schedule in-between his Colorado home and a visit to the Large
Hadron Collider in Geneva.

In front of a large crowd downstairs at the in Holborn, Plait chose to
wear a hat after dazzling us with an impressive hairdo (or lack

So how to respond to people still clinging to the odd notion that NASA
has been able to pull off a multi-decadal hoax involving tens of
thousands of people, something much more difficult that actually
landing on the Moon itself? The Bad Astronomer went through familiar
questions and answers, here summarized:

(1) No stars in Moon photographs? Obviously not. Those are pictures of
bright spacesuits and a bright terrain directly hit by the Sun's rays.

(2) Shadows are not parallel, "demonstrating" multiple light sources?
First of all, multiple light sources cause multiple shadows, and there
is none of that in the Apollo pictures. Furthermore, shadows are not
parallel on Earth either: it's called perspective!!!

(3) Astronaut's suits in the dark shadows on the Moon are not black? Of
course not, they are illuminated by the surrounding, bright lunar

(4) Waving flags on the Moon? Sure, with nothing much to dampen any
vibration, that's exactly what to expect.

(5) No crater from the LEM's landing engine? Large thrust, over a
large surface, means low pressure, hence...

(6) No flames from departing LEM's upper half in Apollo 17 video?
Flames are only visible for certain types of rocket fuel. Even the
Space Shuttle's main engines produce a barely visible blue flame at

There are two main problems with "moon hoaxers": one, as Plait pointed
out, is that they choose to tell only that part of the truth that suits
them. The second, if I may add, is that they invariably never ever
reveal what evidence would convince them to change their mind.


I have only one remark for the Bad Astronomer: sometimes he goes too
hard for it. All Moon-hoaxers' claims I have seen so far are already
ridiculous enough. Is it really necessary to build jokes around stuff
that is already laughable on its own?'s been great to meet somebody that enrolled me some time
ago as one of his minions.

Here some pictures from the evening�
[see at the bottom of Maurizio's blog. - LRK -]

Maurizio - Omnologos





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