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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Virgle - Take me to Mars - April Fool - OR -

Wouldn't it be nice if it were true.
It is probably going to take popular support and companies like Virgin
and Google to help make it happen.
Just send in your 30 second YouTube clip explaining why you would like
to go live on Mars.

And my Google News Alert for Mars picked up the link below and I copied
the list of stories below just to let you know there was some response.
- LRK -


Richard Branson dupes entire wireless industry with Google on *Mars* gag
Register - London,England,UK
And the idea is to head towards *Mars* with the plan - in our lifetime,
hopefully - to actually put people on *Mars* and build a city on *Mars*.
See all stories on this topic


Now back to reading Arthur C. Clarke's
2001: A Space Odyssey,
2010: Odyssey Two,
2061: Odyssey Three, and
3001: The Final Odyssey

We should be able to go from Mars to Jupiter and its moon Europa, right?>

Thanks for looking up with me.

Larry Kellogg

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Cassidy: Valley takes April Fool's jokes far too seriously
San Jose Mercury News, USA - 1 hour ago
By Mike Cassidy April Fools' Day 2008 had me longing for the days of
hand buzzers, whoopie cushions and plastic flowers that shoot water. *...*

A daily dose of postings from The Chronicle's technology blog *...*
San Francisco Chronicle, USA - 11 hours ago
Google introduced a handful of initiatives Tuesday that draw on the
Internet search company's singular technology to "resolve the issues of
causality," *...*

Richard Branson dupes entire wireless industry with Google on Mars gag
Register, UK - 14 hours ago
By Cade Metz in Las Vegas � More by this author CTIA Wireless Speaking
this morning (Tuesday) at the CTIA Wireless trade show in Las Vegas, *...*

April Fooled by Google and Virgin?
TIME - 15 hours ago
If you don't buy this joke, we'll kill this billionaire. Now, that's
satire! Now that Google has effectively conquered Earth, the
all-powerful Web giant is *...*

Google, Virgin Launch Hoax Mars Settlement
Red Herring, CA - 20 hours ago
by Cassimir Medford Google and Virgin Group in an April Fool's Day prank
on Tuesday launched Virgle, a joint venture that touts open-source
development to *...*

Google even raises the bar on April Fool�s Day
San Jose Mercury News, USA - 21 hours ago
Jens Hussey: If you haven�t been to Cinequest before then I highly
recommend it. The films are better than ever... Lina Broydo: Life is
really glamorous in *...*

That day of the year, again
Hindu Business Line, India - 22 hours ago
Chennai, April 1 How will you feel if you can get tomorrow�s news today?
Of course, with some technical help. It is called gDay and apparently is
powered by *...*

Beware of April Fools' Day jokes today
Detroit Free Press, United States - 23 hours ago
Keep your eyes peeled for an impending hoax, for today is the national
holiday of office pranksters. Virgle -- a joint effort between Google
and Virgin *...*

Open Sauce Software
ZDNet UK, UK - Apr 1, 2008
Anyone who's been to BA Terminal 5 will have shown enough fortitude and
courage to earn a priority place on the open source Mars colony,
announced today by *...*

Google does April Fools': 'Custom time' and a Mars trip
CNET, CA - Apr 1, 2008
'Custom Time' in action. Darn, I wish I'd had this when I forgot to ask
my boss for some days off. As expected, Google's Gmail rolled out a fake
"custom *...*

Google and Virgin Team Up to Spell 'Virgle'
Wired News - Apr 1, 2008
By Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides April 01, 2008 | 8:14:45 AMCategories:
Humor, Space In about the funniest April Fools Day spoof I have seen, *...*

After Google Earth, search giant sets April 1 sights on Mars
Reuters - Apr 1, 2008
Google showed how funny its plans for world domination could be by
issuing an April Fool�s invitation to establish a human colony on the
planet Mars in an *...*

Virgin and Google to put men on Mars, via Virgle
Guardian, UK - Apr 1, 2008
As Sir Richard Branson writes on the Official Google blog: "Virgle's
goal is simple: the establishment of a permanent human settlement on
Mars. *...*

Google's April fool is out of this world
Times Online, UK - Apr 1, 2008
Google and Virgin Group this morning announced a joint-venture aimed at
creating a human settlement on Mars by 2050, in a project the two
companies called *...*

Ganksters: Google Pranks Users <>
Your Tech Today, NC - 1 hour ago
If you have visited Google or Gmail yesterday, you might have seen the
new features that Google is providing. The first is �Custom Time�. *...*


Best Web Pranksters: Google and Virgin
Enews 2.0, UK - 3 hours ago
By Alexandre Carst Many, including major web companies, took advantage
of April Fools� Day in 2008 as well. Several search engines, news
websites and video *...*

Google attacks! Latest prank talks up mission to Mars
CBC News, Canada - 5 hours ago
by Paul Jay, When it comes to April Fool's Day jokes, Google
remains to king, or rather, the court jester. Today the company's
elaborate prank *...*

Google/Virgin Venture Time And Space On April Fools� Day
eBrandz, India - 6 hours ago
Mountain View -- Continuing an April Fools� Day tradition, Google and
Virgin have joined in a co-venture called Virgle to settle humans on
Mars by the year *...*

April Fool's 2008: Web Roundup
TrustedReviews, UK - 7 hours ago
Love it or loath it, April Fool's Day has become something of a
phenomenon in Internet circles. Many of the larger sites now dedicate a
considerable amount *...*

Worst of the Day
<>, CO - 7 hours ago
By Mike Dano Well, April Fool�s Day came and went without much notice
during the CTIA Wireless 2008 show. I find this disheartening; the CTIA
show presents *...*

Branson and Google team up... and play the best April Fools trick
Tech Digest, UK - 7 hours ago
At yesterday's CITA Wireless Trade Show, Sir Richard Branson used his
keynote to announce a prank partnership with Google, whose purpose is to
build a *...*

It's time to leave this rock
The University of Alabama Crimson White, AL - 10 hours ago
I was planning to write this column about the Internet. As I've gone out
of my way so many times to mention, I work for a movie news Web site. *...*

Virgle Fool�s Day
Gear Live, WA - 16 hours ago
When we saw Virgin founder Richard Branson on Craig Ferguson�s show last
night announcing his new project �Virgle� we knew it had to be an April
Fool�s Day *...*

Virgin Teams Up With Google to Form Virgle - An Effort to Colonize *...*
<>, FL - 18 hours ago
Want to be a Virgle pioneer? Sergey Brin and Richard Branson were
offering the opportunity all day Tuesday for the lucky few. Virgin, a *...*

Branson's Mars Mission: Prankster Or Pathfinder?
CNBC, NJ - 20 hours ago
AP Is he or isn't he, that is the question. I'm talking about Sir
Richard Branson and his lofty (extraterrestrial?) goal of a manned
mission to Mars, *...*

Please Help Us Send Google To Mars
io9, CA - 22 hours ago
If only today's announcement from Google and Virgin were true.
Supposedly Google and Virgin Inc. are teaming up to create Virgle, a
scheme to settle Mars by *...*

Google Tackles Time and Space on April Fools' Day
CIO Today, CA - 22 hours ago
By Barry Levine Continuing an April Fools' Day tradition, Google offers
e-mails to the past and a co-venture with Virgin called Virgle to put
humans on Mars *...*

CTIA 2008: Richard Branson Said "Martians," Not "Marketers"
Gearlog, NY - 22 hours ago
In a rambling but highly entertaining CTIA keynote address,
super-entrepreneur Richard Branson recounted the history of his more
than 300 Virgin companies, *...*

Google gets funny, too
Waco Tribune Herald, TX - 23 hours ago
By Ken Sury | Tuesday, April 1, 2008, 11:58 AM Australian and British
newspapers aren�t the only ones having fun with April Fool�s Day as I
noted in a *...*

Fools at Google announce Mars settlement
Philadelphia Inquirer, PA - 23 hours ago
By Sam Wood Google, the multi-billion dollar company that dominates
cyberspace, announced today that it's extending its reach into outer
space - to Mars. *...*

Google/Virgin venture, custom time creation part of April Fool's
TG Daily - 23 hours ago
By Mark Raby Mountain View (Mars) - Google and Virgin have joined up to
settle on Mars by the year 2050, Sophos can now recognize hackers based
on their *...*

Penguins can fly ... on April Fool's Day
CBC Toronto, Canada - Apr 1, 2008
Plans to start a new community on Mars and video of flying penguins were
some of the hoaxes and false news stories marking the spring silliness
of April *...*

Virgle Seeks Mars Attack
eFluxMedia - Apr 1, 2008
By Jane Ivory The newly formed partnership between Virgin and Google �
poetically named Virgle � seeks to expand the human race�s dominion into
outer space, *...*

Google and Virgin Announce Mars Expedition and Colony
Space Ref (press release) - Apr 1, 2008
Editor's note: Yes, I know, it is April Fool's day - but this is fun ...
so why not play along! MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. and LONDON, England (April
1st, *...*

Roundup: Tech firms produce bumper crop of April Fool's tricks
IT PRO, UK - Apr 1, 2008
It's been a busy and fun day in the technology sector, as Google and
Virgin lead the field of companies trying to trick us all in the spirit
of April Fool's *...*

Don't Just Join a Startup; Start Up a New Chapter for Man.
Adrants, MA - Apr 1, 2008
Last year Google turned your love life into an algorithmically solvable
search problem. This year it's teamed up with Virgin to give us Virgle:
the *...*

Is it April 2nd Yet? Google Launches Mars, Time Travel Initiatives
Appscout, NY - Apr 1, 2008
It's an odd thing when, as a company, it becomes difficult to draw the
line between your day-to-day announcements and those that you launch on
the first of *...*

Mars Needs Google
Conde Nast Portfolio, NY - Apr 1, 2008
Google has become famous for its annual April Fool's hoaxes. This year,
the search giant has dialed the amp up to 11. Last year's pranks, it
must be said, *...*

Branson unveils plans for another new space venture: one-way *...*
Daily Mail, UK - Apr 1, 2008
Not content with setting up commercial flights to space, Virgin boss Sir
Richard Branson has revealed he hopes to send people to Mars in a Noah's
Ark. The *...*

Google whacks out double April fool
ITProPortal, UK - Apr 1, 2008
As it is the case every year, Google has made two April fool
announcements with one of them actually involving a company outside
Google for the first time *...*

Virgle April Fools Day: Join Google and Virgin on mars
Product Reviews, UK - Apr 1, 2008
Both Virgin and Google are pulling their resources together in the hope
of starting up the permanent human colony on Mars; the project will be
called Virgle *...*

Project Virgle Launched by Google and Founder of Virgin Group
Chiropractic News (press release) - Apr 1, 2008
by Michael Dorausch, DC The Founder of Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson
(one of my heros) and Google have announced Project Virgle, for the
establishment *...*

Virgle launched by Google and Virgin
I4U - Mar 31, 2008
Virgle, Inc., a joint venture between the Virgin Group and Google.
Virgle's goal the establishment of a permanent human settlement on Mars.




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