Many folks would like to see us back on the Moon and developing its resources.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Google Moon - Been there - lets do it again to stay

Well we aren't back to the Moon with humans yet.
This gives us a little more time to learn what we can and see where we
might like to go.

Pop in on the Moon with Google Moon and enjoy the view.

Maybe later we will have updates that show your kids habitats.
- LRK -

Apollo Series
These six missions of the Apollo Program, which lasted from 1963 to
1972, were the first and last times that Mankind has set foot on another
A mosaic of landing site images and a tour of the Apollo landings

Google Sky

Google Sky, Mars, and Moon

Google Moon (Part II of "The Googling")

Be careful though. :-)

Thanks for looking up with me.

Larry Kellogg

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International Space Race Heats Up as More Players Jump In
Monday, July 28, 2008

As NASA's space-shuttle program nears its official end in 2010, space
exploration has become an increasingly global competition.

The Europeans, Russians, Chinese and others are competing for bragging rights to
develop the next generation of manned spacecraft.

NASA's Constellation program, designed both to replace the space shuttle and get
America back to the moon and on to Mars, has gotten a lot of publicity and a
lot of flak as it threatens to go over budget and behind schedule.

Meanwhile, the Europeans and Russians have teamed up to create their own
platform, the Chinese are continually upgrading their vehicles and the Japanese and Indians are mulling their own
manned space flights.

Lunar Bases and Settlement

Lunar Bases and Space Activities of the 21st Century

Copyright © 1986 by the
Lunar and Planetary Institute <>.

Made available electronically by the
NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) <>
*The Second Conference on Lunar Bases and Space Activities of the 21st Century

*Edited by W. W. Mendell. NASA Conferences Publication 3166, Volume 1 (Parts
1-4) & Volume 2 (Parts 5-8), 1992, 706 pages. Available here in PDF
as individual papers below.

*Table of Contents and Prologue* [PDF 585K

*Volume 1:
Part 1: Lunar Transportation Systems
**Part 2: Lunar Base Site Selection
**Part 3: Lunar Surface Architecture and Construction
**Part 4: Scientific Investigations at a Lunar Base

*Volume 2:
Part 5: Utilization of Lunar Resources
**Part 6: Life Support and Crew Health at a Lunar Base
**Part 7: Operations and Infrastructure on the Lunar Surface
**Part 8: Enabling a Program for Human Exploration of Space

*Indexes and Acronym Glossary* [PDF 2.7 MB




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