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Monday, July 07, 2003

3 hurt, Fremont's Mission Boulevard closed after head-on collision

Subject: Survived Head On Crash

Just a left hand finger poked message.

Sangad and I were almost to the Thai temple yesterday on Mission in Niles
City (Fremont) where it narrows for an old train under pass when someone
came down around the corner and hit us head on.

Two cars at 40 mph is about like stopping fast from 80. Escalade won. Car
caught on fire but we got out with the help of many. We were transported to
Castro Valley to a trauma center and got a lot X-rays and I got a Cat-Scan.

I have a miner fracture of a small bone in right wrist and we both are
bruised from air bags and seat belts.

No glasses for Sangad or myself. Was interesting trying to find a phone
number in Sangads note book, she far sighted and most of the names written
in Thai. Managed to read Wt Buddhanosrn in Thai and we called Temple.

One of the monks and driver picked us up and took use back to the temple
where we called kids.

The fire department found my billfold in the car after they put the fire out
so I have wet money and soaked IDs.
Sangad had her purse too.

Kids from Tracy side took us home and we have made it through the night on
Vicoden pain pills. Will start the process of locating car and notifying
insurance, etc.

Okay, enough one finger typing. Need to go soak some very sore muscles.

Will update when I have more info.


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