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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

HP iPAQ Pocket PCs to be Onboard TransOrbital's First Commercial Moon Mission

Newly Introduced HP iPAQ h5550 to Facilitate Wireless Communication in Space


HP (NYSE:HPQ) plans to launch its HP iPAQ Pocket PCs into outer space onboard TransOrbital's TrailBlazer spacecraft, the first commercial mission to gain approval from U.S. authorities to explore, photograph and land on the moon, later this year.

With an early 2004 launch date approaching, TransOrbital looked to the newly introduced HP iPAQ Pocket PC h5550's innovative engineering, mobility, simplicity and ease of use to facilitate wireless communication within the satellite. The handheld device will integrate with the TrailBlazer systems on board the spacecraft to enable TransOrbital to effortlessly synchronize and share data while in space, during transit to the moon and while orbiting the moon.

During subsequent launches, it is anticipated that the HP iPAQ Pocket PCs will be used for wireless communication with cameras that are tethered on the outside of the spacecraft to provide superior video streaming capabilities for display on Earth. Future applications for the devices also may include the ability to communicate via e-mail with the Trailblazer lunar orbiter while it is orbiting the moon and on the moon's surface.

As the first and only private company to be licensed by the U.S. Department of State and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration for moon travel, TransOrbital believes that important and affordable advances in science, medicine, communications and information technology can be achieved by forming strategic global corporate alliances for space exploration.

"Lunar development requires innovative partners, and HP is an ideal world-class systems provider," said Dennis Laurie, chief executive officer, TransOrbital. "Being the first to send and utilize innovative technology in space, such as HP's iPAQ Pocket PCs on this lunar mission, demonstrates that the moon is now truly within anyone's reach."

"HP is a leader in providing technologies that work to improve the mobile experience, whether on Earth or on a spacecraft traveling to the moon," said Alex Gruzen, senior vice president and general manager, mobile computing group, HP Personal Systems Group. "We are very excited that TransOrbital is about to include affordable, innovative HP products, such as our iPAQ Pocket PCs, to enhance this first commercial flight to the moon."

HP Press Release: HP iPAQ Pocket PCs to be Onboard TransOrbital�s First Commercial Moon Mission

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