Many folks would like to see us back on the Moon and developing its resources.

Friday, July 18, 2003

It is expensive to go to space and you look for deep pockets where you can find them. Using a governments help doesn't always push the price down. Now what happens if you go it on your own and you come in cheaper than the other government funded company, especially if you can also get the government funding. hmmmm

You may find this article very interesting.


The Atlantic | May 2003 | Long Shot | Easterbrook: "Long Shot

Defying the odds, even before the recent loss of the space shuttle Columbia, an eccentric company called Sea Launch has become the first private enterprise to send large rockets into space—from an enormous floating launch pad that sails to the equator for blast-off. Has the era of private space travel begun?

by Gregg Easterbrook

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