Many folks would like to see us back on the Moon and developing its resources.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lunar Commercial Communications Workshop - 27 July 2007

Larry Klaes sent me a heads up that there is going to be a workshop here
in Silicon Valley on 27 July 2007.
I think it is worth mentioning to show that folks are trying to find
ways to do worthwhile things on the Moon as soon as possible.

Steve Durst with Space Age Publishing has been promoting going back to
the Moon from the private sector and you have seen the Lunar Conferences
they have helped sponsor before.

Maybe you folks know of activities that are creating an interest in
going to the Moon like, "Why Stanford On the Moon?"

Stanford Alumni Moon Project
�Stanford on the Moon�

Statement of Explanation and Purpose

Steve Durst, founder of Space Age Publishing Company in Palo Alto,
introduced the idea of 'Stanford on the Moon' to the Stanford Class of
1965 during its 35th Class Reunion Panel in October 2000. A 'Stanford on
the Moon exploratory committee', drawn to thinking about the future and
where humanity is going, developed in the following 18 months.
Recognizing the creativity of human beings, the intrinsic need to
explore new horizons and new possibilities, and the fact that we cannot
know just where these explorations will lead and what horizons may
suddenly appear, we see space exploration as a vital part of the future
of humanity.

I didn't make it to Hawaii and probably won't make it over the hill to
Santa Clara, with Army daughter coming out before deployment to Iraq,
but that shouldn't stop you if you are in the area. Nice to know folks
are organizing. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Feel free to let me know what is going on in your part of this Blue
Marble that relates to Adventures In Space.

100 Stories about Docking and other Adventures in Space and on Earth

Thanks for looking up with me.
- LRK -

Larry Kellogg

Web Site:
RSS link:

Lunar Commercial Communications: Providers and End-Users Workshop

A forum to facilitate and advance pioneering ventures by public, private
and enterprise sectors to create a lunar communications industry,
enabling science, exploration and commercial utilization of the Moon.

Featured Speakers Include:

Hugh Arif, Cisco Systems Inc.
Leveraging Commercial Solutions for Lunar Communications

Alan Weston, NASA Ames Research Center
NASA Relationships With Private Sector Communications Providers

Jim Benson, Benson Space Company
Steve Durst, Lunar Enterprise Corporation
Human Service Mission to the ILO (International Lunar Observatory)

Special Discussion Panel:
The Next COTS - Commercial Services for High Data Rate Communications to
the Moon
End-Users / Small Sat Builders / Equipment Providers / Satellite Operators

with representatives from:

Cisco Systems, Inc.
Ball Aerospace
Space Systems / Loral
SpaceDev, Inc.
Space Age Publishing Company
and other pioneering businesses

Date: Friday, 27 July 2007
Time: 9:30 - 4:00, lunch included
Location: Santa Clara Hilton

SpaceDev to Attend Lunar Workshop

SpaceDev (*and* Benson Space) continues to keep it�s face in the game.
They will be officially attending the following upcoming industry
gathering: Lunar Commercial Communications: Providers and End-Users
Workshop <>.

International Lunar Observatory

Taking Humanity's Future Off 'Hold'

Space Age Publishing Company

Click here for Press Release
<>or on Banners Below
for Publications.

Lunar Enterprise Daily

Asia Astronauts Training For Spaceflight � 2 Candidates To Become 1st
Malaysia 'Angkasawan' (R) Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor (R-L), Faiz Khaleed
(R-R) To Travel To ISS Via Soyuz In October; Completed Spaceflight
Training In Moscow Recently; Further Preparations At NASA JSC In Houston
TX, ESA European Astronaut Center In Cologne, Germany Next Up; China
'Yuhangyuan' Training For Shenzhou 7 With Spacewalk In 2008; 3
Taikonauts To Be Selected From Pool Of 14; Shenzhou 6 Space Travelers
Fei Junlong (L-L), Nie Haisheng (L-R)



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