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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Full Transcript: Mike Griffin at the Heinlein Centennial

I read the full transcript at the URL above and if you haven't, I think
you would find it informative.

The subject of science fiction and books has been mentioned in several
of my posts and we snipped some of the material about Heinlein's
writings before and I have done so again below. Mike Griffin has some
thoughts on what comes first - science fiction then science fact, or
science fact that inspires new science fiction, or do they play along
side each other, complementing and reinforcing each other.

What do you think?
- LRK -

Griffin, Heinlein, and spaceflight
by Jeff Foust
Monday, July 16, 2007

On the link between science fiction and the public's interest in space -

So, a question that has often been asked and that I've asked myself is,
"Was the growth of science fiction as a genre and hard science fiction
in particular, a response to the cultural zeitgeist or was it a cause of

I think in all such questions, there is an inevitable chicken-and-egg
effect, one sponsors the other in a reinforcing loop. But, I think that
if asked that, when I have been asked that, I often said that I think
the growth of science fiction helped to create the cultural matrix in
which we saw the advancements that we saw in aerospace in the 50's and
60's, more so that than the other way around.

I mean, American kids had for generations been raised on boyhood stories
of people who accomplished themselves in difficult arenas. There was
Jack Armstrong, all-American boy, and Tom Swift and then later Tom Swift
Jr. and Rick Brant and other things that maybe many of you, like me,
read as kids. We celebrated the accomplishments of great people and
people were acknowledged to be great people.

So, in science fiction literature, Tom Swift, I think, led inevitably to
Asimov, Clarke, and inevitably Heinlein. And if asked, I would say that
I think that Asimov painted the broadest canvas and Clarke was the best
technician. But Heinlein was the guy that put you there. Heinlein's
literary skills combined with his technical knowledge put you there, in
a way that no one else did and, frankly, that not even the best in my
opinion have done since. I enjoy reading science fiction to this day,
and my own opinion would be that I've not seen Heinlein's equal at
putting you there...

I like the thought that science fiction might help create a cultural
matrix in which we could see real science play out. You get people
thinking that what if - as you begin to see what is. A lot of folks can
read the books even if they can't take part in the actual experience.
It makes it okay to say that we will go back to the Moon, and then
contemplate what we will do there.

I listened to the radio - and my mind filled in the pictures.
You read a book - and your mind fills in the pictures.
They are part of your own creation and you are participating in the

So let us hear it for the great science fiction stories that you have read.

Let me know what you like, past and present.
Will see if we can put together a list that might be of interest to
those that missed some, like I did.

Never too late to dream the dream, then go out and make it happen.
There is that twinkle in your eye and the corners of your mouth turn up
in a smile.
You know, this might just work, now if I just......

I don't recommend hanging your test rocket inside the garage to see if
there is ANY thrust from you home made gunpowder.
(didn't understand the need for a nozzle)
Tends to burn holes in the sleeping bags that are airing out on the
garage floor.
Never mind, iron on patches will cover all those little burn spots.
Mom thought it was quiet for too long and came to see what I was doing.
Seem to have some blank spots in my memory. :-)

Thanks for looking up with me.
- LRK -

Larry Kellogg

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