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Thursday, July 12, 2007


Linden Sims posted this bit of information on the Project Apollo groups
about some mp4 music-videos based on the music of "TO TOUCH THE STARS"
which may be down loadable for a short time.
- LRK -

Sat Jul 7, 2007 7:13 am (PST)

A few years ago Prometheus Music published a CD of space advocacy songs
titled "To Touch the Stars". For the next two weeks Prometheus is
making available high quality mp4 music videos of some of the tracks at
If you're not familiar with this music then these videos would be a
great introduction. They say Buzz Aldrin was brought to tears by "Fire
in the Sky". I can see why.
Lower quality versions are also available on YouTube at
If you like this you definitely owe it to yourself to buy the CD at
Two of my favorites are Dog on the Moon and Queen Isabella.

I have no connection with Prometheus Music beyond being a very
satisfied customer. I think you folks will appreciate this stuff too.



I watched the mp4 files that I down loaded .(files can be large)
The music is uplifting and Vu Trong Thu has done a nice job of adding

If Prometheus removes the mp4 files before you get a chance to copy them
you can look at some of the works on YouTube. - Now's the time to touch a star - Witnesses' Waltz - music clip - Surprise!

Having watched the mp4 music-videos I thought I would order the Audio CD.
It came today.
Listened to the music again.

Would be nice if the mp4 videos were on it too but if you are quick you
may still be able to down load or just watch some of the YouTube renditions.
- LRK -

Thanks for looking up with me.
- LRK -

Larry Kellogg

Web Site:
RSS link:

To Touch the Stars: A Musical Celebration of Space Exploration
65 minutes
Newly Released Anthem Celebrates Spirit of Mars Exploration - on Mars!
Prometheus Music <>, a U.S. based
specialty label has just released a new CD, *To Touch the Stars*,
featuring songs that celebrate the history and future of human space

This album has received enthusiastic endorsements from astronaut Buzz
Aldrin <> and influential space author and Mars
expert Dr. Robert Zubrin, as well as coverage on, MSNBC,
Popular Science, Air & Space/Smithsonian, The Space Show, Discovery
Channel, San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle Times, and other prominent
news sources.

Included in this wonderful collection is *Pioneers of Mars*, a powerful
work written by Toronto partners in life and song Karen Linsley
<> and *Lloyd Landa*. The composition was
awarded first place in the Mars Society's Rouget de Lisle songwriting
competition, the purpose of which was to find an official anthem for
Mars exploration.

This song was recently honored by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory as the
wake-up music <> for
the *Opportunity* rover on sol 20 of its mission.

[DIR] Parent Directory -
[VID] Fire in the Sky.mp4 07-Jul-2007 00:48 20M

[VID] Hope Eyrie.mp4 07-Jul-2007 01:04 19M

[VID] If We Had No Moon.mp4 07-Jul-2007 00:56 36M

[VID] Now's the Time...mp4 07-Jul-2007 01:00 17M's%20the%20Time...mp4

[VID] Surprise.mp4 07-Jul-2007 00:44 15M

[VID] The Word of God.mp4 07-Jul-2007 00:41 30M

[VID] Witnesses Waltz.mp4 07-Jul-2007 00:34 14M

Christine Lavin

To Touch the Stars
My fact-based song on what life would be like without our moon, If We
Had No Moon, finally makes its studio debut on this just-released CD of
all-space songs! I did a lot of research for this song, so it's based on
real scientific research, though some of it is controversial.
You'll also love Dog On The Moon -- my favorite track on this disc -- by
brand new songwriter Garry Novikoff. Another album track, Pioneers of
Mars was just played by the JPL flight team to wake up the Mars rover
Opportunity on Saturday!

[ You may want to read all of this review before buying - appreciation
for the music may vary - LRK -]
Review: To Touch the Stars
by Jeff Foust
Monday, April 5, 2004
Several months back, while browsing through a dusty stack of old CDs at
home, I ran across an album from a little-known Boston-based group
called Tribe, a band that was performing alternative rock back before
alternative rock became mainstream. In 1993 they released an album
called �Sleeper� that included a track titled �Supercollider� that was
about, believe it or not, the Superconducting Supercollider (SSC) then
under development in Texas. The song got some airplay on some Boston
radio stations, which is how I first heard the song; that led me to
eventually buy the CD. (Who can resist lyrics like �Goodbye
Princeton/Goodbye CERN/He�s off to Texas/To watch the holy fire burn�?)
Sadly, Tribe broke up not long after Sleeper came out, around the time
the SSC itself met its demise.

�Supercollider� was likely one of the first�and last�paeans written
about the SSC. Space exploration hasn�t done much better. In recent
decades a few popular artists have penned songs with at least vague
space themes: �Major Tom� by David Bowie and Elton John�s �Rocket Man�
come to mind. The 1982 Rush album �Signals� included �Countdown�, a song
inspired by the band�s visit to Cape Canaveral to watch the first
shuttle launch. In addition, in the last several years Elaine Walker,
both solo and with her band, Zia, have recorded several albums devoted
almost exclusively to space topics (including a CD of �space elevator
music�). However, in general spaceflight is a topic generally overlooked
in nearly all music genres, from country to rap to pop. (Sorry, but
Britney Spears prancing around in a spacesuit for the video of �Oops, I
Did It Again� doesn�t really count.)

In an effort to fill this void comes �To Touch the Stars� ($15.97), a
compilation of 17 songs about space exploration released recently by
Prometheus Music. The album had its roots in a songwriting competition
organized in 1997 by the National Space Society. The top three songs
from the one-time Apollo Award, announced at the International Space
Development Conference in 1998, are included on the album. Those songs
are joined by the winner of the Mars Society�s Rouget de Lisle
competition (named after the composer of �The Marseillaise�) in 2000.
The common thread to both contests was Robert Zubrin, who explains his
reasons for organizing those competitions in an essay included in a
full-color booklet in the CD.


To Touch the Stars
More than just music, this ambitious recording hopes to help humanity
take the next giant leap into outer space.

Review by Jeff Berkwits

Even the most casual music fan would likely agree that a well-written,
professionally performed tune can be spiritually uplifting. However,
crafting a work of such intensity is extremely difficult, which is in
part why so few recordings contain truly exciting songs. Only a handful
of albums have ever had the audacity to attempt to lift listeners up as
high�or as far�as To Touch the Stars. Designed specifically to promote
continued cosmic research, this admirable assemblage of compositions,
presented in cooperation with the Mars Society ( and
the National Space Society (NSS) (, offers, as the disc's
caption elegantly exclaims, "a musical celebration of space exploration."




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