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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bussard's fusion concept - a presentation at the 2007 ISDC - coming up.

Larry Klaes posted the link for a presentation about Bussard's fusion
We have mentioned both the 2007 ISDC (International Space Development
Conference <>)
coming up May 25-28, 2007 and Bussard's fusion concept

You might just be interested in seeing what some of the scheduled tracks
are about at the 2007 ISDC.
ISDC2007 View Tracks

The presentation for Bussard's fusion concept will be in Track 01,The
Transport Frontier.
001 The Transport Frontier - to space - in space - from space

Explores the principles and practice of transport in the new frontier.
From suborbital to interstellar, this track is about the means of
traveling to and from the many destinations in space.
Space Transport 101 -- Overview - Orbital Law - Orbital Mechanics &
Stage 1- Suborbital & Earth to Orbit - Terrestrial Facilities -
Orbital Facilities - Space Tourism Transport
Stage 2- Trans-LEO - Cislunar & Lunar surface - Fuel Depots
Stage 3- Out to Mars & Aldrin Cyclers - Space Elevators - Solar Sails
- Nuclear Rockets - Key to the Solar System - Interstellar Flight

Tom Ligon
will be giving the talk.
Tom Ligon is a former employee of Robert Bussard's Energy Matter
Conversion Corporation, and now works for Athena Controls. Mr. Ligon
holds two BS degrees from Virginia Tech, and is a frequent contributor
to Analog Science Fiction and Fact. His article "The World's Simplest
Fusion Reactor", published in Analog in 1998, won an Analab award.

This is a copy of the ABSTRACT:
Dr. R. W. Bussard, of the Energy/Matter Conversion Corporation, released
a paper entitled �The Advent of Clean Nuclear Fusion: Superperformance
Space Power and Propulsion� at the 57th International Astronautical
Congress in Valencia, Spain, October 2-6, 2006. The EMC2 device derives
from earlier Inertial Electrostatic Confinement (IEC) devices pioneered
by P. T. Farnsworth and R. L. Hirsch in the 1960�s, but overcomes the
inherent losses in the earlier machines by utilizing a quasi-spherical
magnetic method of dynamically confining electrons to produce an
electrodynamic potential well. A device called WB-6 successfully
demonstrated a high rate of fusion in November 2005, and Dr. Bussard
believes the device can be scaled up to a size that will operate at over
100 MW. Furthermore, the technology should be capable of utilizing p-B11
fuel. Tom Ligon, a former employee of EMC2, will discuss the program,
its stunning implications for space travel, and what steps we need to
take to make it a reality.

Here is the link to the Power Point file.

Thanks for looking up with me.

Larry Kellogg

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A note from Larry Klaes informs us that:
A presentation on Bussard�s fusion concept at the 2007
International Space Development conference is online

Look for the link button near the bottom under PPT at the
bottom right of the Web page.

ISDC 2007 *Confirmed Featured Speakers and Guests

*Why Explore Space?*

"Today," writes NASA Administrator Mike Griffin, "NASA is moving forward
with a new focus for the manned space program: to go out beyond Earth
orbit for purposes of human exploration and scientific discovery."
Administrator Griffin makes the case for completing the International
Space Station, "the most complex construction feat ever undertaken," as
a stepping stone to future exploration.

"Using the space station and building an outpost on the moon to prepare
for the trip to Mars are critical milestones in America's quest to
become a truly spacefaring nation," Griffin writes. "I think that we
should want that. I want that. I want it for the American people, for my
grandchildren, for my great-grandchildren."
+ Read More



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