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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Lockheed Moon Base - by David S.F. Portree

Just posted by David, which I recommend you see.
- LRK -

Lockheed *moon base*
By David S. F. Portree(David S. F. Portree)
The Rangers would gather data on lunar conditions for *moon base*
hardware designers. Design of preliminary ELO hardware based on Apollo
systems would begin as early as 1963 and last until to 1970. Meanwhile,
increasingly ambitious lunar *...*
Altair VI - <>

And while you are there, take a look at
his post from the week past.
and a post back in December of 2006
Fun With Fictons

I have Steve Jackson's GURPS (Generic Universal Role Playing System)
BASIC SET from 1987 with his GURPS FANTASY Magic System and Game World game.

I had just found it and a book "ROLE-PLAYING MASTERY" by Gary Gygax,
co-creator of THE DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game that I had bought 20 years
ago. Thought I would develop a game on my Amiga Computer. It too sits
out in the garage.

My reason for looking at them now was to think of how one might set up
an adventure game that took place on the Moon at an early Lunar Base.

If you look at some of David's blogs you will see examples of role
playing games with similar thoughts in mind and that I am a bit late
coming to the scene.

David mentions that he never really played the games but liked seeing
how they set up the Game Worlds. What are the rules for interaction?
How do you conduct yourself in the given world?

I have never played nor got into world setups but thought I should as it
might be a way to educate and entertain folks about going to the Moon,
Mars and Beyond. How would you survive in the hostile environment where
you had to work in a vacuum, with fine regolith grit getting into every
nook and cranny. Would the galactic cosmic rays do you in? Would your
life support back pack spring a leak? Would your lunar dune buggy drop
into an unseen crater?

Looks like one could learn a lot about exploring the Moon if someone
went to the trouble to write up the requirements for a world that took
in a Moon Base.

Thanks David for your blog and the work you did on the earlier site,
Romance to Reality.

And to all of you, thanks for looking up with me.

Larry Kellogg

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Some links from David S. F. Portree's blog
Orions Arm


Furaha: Life on Alpha Phoenicis IV


Building a Better Moon Base
*By Leonard David>*
Senior Space Writer
posted: 07:00 am ET
02 October 2002

The Moon is soon to be on the receiving end of a volley of robotic
probes launched by multiple nations. Spacecraft from Europe, Japan,
India, China, as well as the United States are expected to spark a 21^st
century renaissance in lunar exploration.

Rekindling that scientific link to Earth's natural satellite might spur
other endeavors too, and humans may once again bound across that
"magnificent desolation" as Apollo 11 astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, saw it
through his space helmet visor.



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In common usage, a *ficton* is a fictional setting
<> created by writing any
fictional <> story or series of stories.

The term was coined by Robert A. Heinlein
<> in his novel /The
Number of the Beast
<>/. In
it, he defines it as a basic or indivisible unit of imagination. Now it
is more commonly used as above.

Some fictons look remarkably like our own world, and have the same
physical laws and history as ours. In the extreme case of historical
novels it may be impossible to prove that the events did not happen
exactly as described, so the ficton in which they occur is
indistinguishable from the factual universe; and in other cases of time
travel <> based alternate
history <> tales like The
Cross Time Engineer <> and
fast growing 1632 series <>, we
(eventually) know that a parallel universe
<> has been
split off. In other fictons either history, physics or both are
radically different from the factual world, and there is a spectrum in
between; indeed, access to such a spectrum has been a facet of some
fictons (e.g. Raymond Feist
<>'s Riftwar Saga
). A few fictons do not lie neatly
on this spectrum, notably the ficton in which the Star Wars
<> series is set, which is
described as 'A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..."'

NASA Airs Its Plan for a Moon Base by 2024
by Nell Boyce

/All Things Considered
<>, /December
5, 2006 · NASA announces plans to build a moon base that would house a
new generation of lunar explorers. The plan calls for a return to the
moon by 2020, with a rudimentary base camp established by 2024. But the
ambitious plan faces some stiff technical and political challenges.




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