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Thursday, May 17, 2007

NSS - adAstra -to the stars - THE MAGAZINE OF THE NATIONAL SPACE SOCIETY - arrived

If you are a member of the NSS, you too probably have the magazine in
your mailbox.

If not, you might like to join the society and support going to space.
The adAstra magazine is just a bonus.

There is an article about space business booming along the Southwest
"Rocket Belt".

Also the Summer Star Planner Calendar, tracking space for your viewing.
Interesting article "Clear Skies: Understanding the Orbital Debris
Problem and Its Possible Solutions".

If you have not seen any of the Apollo DVDs by Spacecraft Films, there
is a nice review, "Reliving the Past, Inspiring the Future" by Robert Z.

You will also find some nice pictures by the winners 2007 NSS Space
Settlement Art Contest.

Online you can view these:
Gallery for NSS Space Settlement Art Contest

You can also find articles at adAstra ONLINE

Here is one online article by Al Globus.
Solar Power From Space: A Better Strategy for America and the World?

If you are interested in settling somewhere off world, like in space,
the Moon or on Mars, you might be interested in looking at the links on
the NSS web site in the Space Settlement Nexus section.

I have passed the link before but new material is being added and the list of online
reference material continues to grow.

Thanks for looking up with me.

Larry Kellogg

Web Site:
RSS link:

If you use the Mozilla Firefox browser

you are probably aware of many add ons that are available.

There are also scripts that can change the way some of the pages display.
One of the mangers for these scripts is from Greasemonkey. has some 6,196 scrpts available.
If you use Google image searches, a nice change to the way the image
search results are displayed is letting the image you mouse over display
with the enlarged version of the image showing on the same page instead
of having to click on it and it display in a different window, which you
will have to close and go back to your search results.

Enlarges pictures from Google image search and displays them in the
opposite corner.

Lunar Bases
The Lunar Base never seemed to be a high priority to space visionaries,
who were mainly interested in getting on to Mars. It was usually seen as
a proving ground for Mars vehicle technology, or as a place to mine
propellant for use in a larger space infrastructure.

Image search for "lunar base".
Do you have a preference? - LRK -
Results 1 - 20 of about 2,510 for "lunar base". (0.36 seconds)

or if you want a lot of images, leave off the quotes and use - lunar base -. - LRK -
Results 1 - 20 of about 65,400 for lunar base.(0.19 seconds)

Check out Google's latest ideas
See results on a timeline or map.
With the timeline and map views, Google�s technology extracts key dates
and locations from select search results so you can view the information
in a different dimension. Timeline and map views work best for searches
related to people, companies, events and places.

My test with - lunar base - interesting. - LRK -



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