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Friday, May 04, 2007

"The Mars Underground" to Air on TV

Gunjan Gupta forwarded me the Mars Society Newsletter with info about an
upcoming TV special.

In case you didn't already get it I copied the information below.

Having said that it seemed a bit strange to get Gunjan's e-mail just
after having finished reading William K. Hartmann's book "MARS UNDERGROUND".

I know not EXACTLY the same as Hartmann wrote his book in 1997 and the
announcement is about a TV program in the now, but they are both about
the possibility of humans living on Mars.

Here is an link to the book.

And here is a YouTube link to Space Week - Mars Underground Trailer,
which seems fitting. [WIDE SCREEN]

Can *Mars* really be a second home to Earth? SPACE WEEK launches Sunday,
May 6, with the network premiere of SPACE STATION AND BEYOND, and
returns to Earth's surface on Saturday, May 12.

Or this link,

Also, another YouTube clip with Zubrin entitled "Mars Underground" which
may be what the special is about.
- LRK -

Then again, back in 2003, has an article about digging on Mars.
- LRK -*
Mars Underground: Digging Deep for Life *
*By Leonard David <>*
Senior Space Writer
posted: 12:30 pm ET
05 September 2003

Thanks for looking up with me.

Larry Kellogg

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"The Mars Underground" to Air on TV
May 4, 2007
For further information about the Mars Society, vist our website at

The movie "The Mars Underground" will air on nationwide TV next week!

The film, which tells the story of the people fighting to make humans-
to-Mars a reality in our time, has been termed the most inspirational
movie about Mars ever made. Heavily featuring members of the Mars
Society, it presents the entire vision of the human future on Mars
starting with the first landing and moving forward all the way to
terraforming the planet.

Don't miss it! If you know someone you are trying to convince to
join the Mars movement, make sure they see it too.

The Mars Underground will air on the Discovery Science channel on the following

Wednesday, May 9th 9PM
Thursday, May 10th 10AM & midnight
Saturday, May 12th 9 PM
Sunday, May 13th Midnight
Tuesday, May 15th 6 PM

Times may vary. Check your local listings to make sure.

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One persons view on the movie. - LRK -

Mars aboveground

by Dwayne A. Day
Monday, August 7, 2006

Robert Zubrin is not really the best spokesperson for his movement. In
public speeches he has trouble making eye contact with his audience and
has a number of common nervous verbal mannerisms�like saying 'um' in
between his sentences and 'okay' at their end�that diminish his message.
Nevertheless, he is smart, passionate-verging-on-zealous, and has a
message that appeals to the human desire to dream.

Filmmaker Scott Gill has accurately captured the appealing aspects of
Zubrin's message in a new documentary, /The Mars Underground/
<>, that Gill debuted on August 3 to
an audience of approximately 100 people on the opening night of the Mars
Society conference in Washington, DC. The film focuses primarily on
Zubrin and his ideas about human exploration and settlement of the Red

The documentary is available in DVD format overseas, but has not yet
been broadcast or distributed in the United States. As Gill explained,
he is hoping to air it on cable television first before signing a
contract for commercial sale, although so far he and his investor have
found no television outlet. Unless it makes it to television, the
documentary should be available on DVD by December. If the documentary
does make it to cable television it would be a boon for Zubrin and his
Mars Society, not only because it would be seen by tens or even hundreds
of thousands of people (as opposed to the few thousands who would see a
DVD), but also because the film does a better job at selling Zubrin�s
ideas than he does himself. After watching /The Mars Underground/, many
people will be convinced that exploring, settling, and even terraforming
Mars is far easier than NASA would have you believe. Heck, I�m a realist
and a skeptic, and it almost had me convinced. Almost.



Dwayne A. Day is not part of the Mars Society, nor does he belong to any
organization that would actually have someone like him as a member.


Space Week -- Mars in High Resolution


Space Week -- The Rover Spirit




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