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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

National Space Society To Co-Host Participatory Exploration Summit with NASA at Ames


"The National Space Society, in collaboration with the National Aeronautics and
Space Administration, is co-hosting the Participatory Exploration Summit at Ames
Research Center today. This invitation-only event will bring together Web 2.0, virtual world and
Internet experts with NASA stakeholders to discuss the use of new technologies to better engage
the public with space exploration."


This event will have taken place by the time you read this but pass on to keep
you up to date.
Ames posted the announcement on 6/20/07 for this 6/26/07 happening.

and similarly earlier.
- LRK -

Ames Director Pete Worden Addresses ISDC Conference from Second Life
Video of our own Gen. Pete Worden, NASA Ames Center Director, speaking
to the crowd at ISDC 2007 from NASA CoLab Island in Second Life:

What we are seeing here is possibly the use of Virtual Reality to experience
upcoming adventures in space.
- LRK -

Virtual reality and participatory exploration
Thanks to the Internet, it's now possible for the public to take a
more active role in space exploration. Jeff Foust reports on how one
NASA center is dabbling with virtual reality as a means of sharing
the exploration of solar system.

We watched live the latest work on the ISS for the installation of the new solar
array panels with the astronauts head cameras and the cameras on the ISS and
robotic arms. Having missed the show you can look at what was saved and made
available on the Internet.
- LRK -


*Image and Video Galleries*

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+ International Space Station Gallery
+ Space Shuttle Gallery
+ Scale Model Drawing Package


I just finished reading Ben Bova's novel "RETURN TO MARS" where VR suits are used to send back to Earth images of what the astronauts
are working on.

The book was copyright 1999 and has enough hard science fact to make the fiction
seem real. We would just need to go to Mars and back again to make it the real

If you had a VR rig here on Earth then you got to FEEL the actions of the
astronaut as they picked at rocks and scaled the cliffs of Mars.

I hope we take the time and interest to include us here on Earth when we go back
to the Moon.
- LRK -

Larry Kellogg

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These "Virtual Reality Moon Phases" were created by R. Schmidt from ray-traced
images of the
Moon. A Clementine spacecraft mosaic of the lunar surface was mapped onto a
sphere, and scenes were rendered as a virtual Sun "orbited" the Moon. The
depiction of lunar surface features suffers geometric distortion but the
terminator is correct with respect to the spherical Moon.

Quicktime Virtual Reality Apollo Panoramas

Quicktime VR Movies are 360 panoramas that you can navigate around
using your mouse. Once you have clicked on one of the movies below, you
just need to point your mouse in any direction whilst holding down the
button, and you can move around in 360 degrees, just like you are
actually standing on the surface of the moon!




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