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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Participatory Exploration Summit

I find it mysterious how one idea can lead to another or how two
separate events can end at the same place. Something new discovered.
The Participatory Exploration Summit event that took place at NASA Ames
was mentioned. Ok.

I get SpaceRef email posts and of recent they have had a blurb about an
new service they are starting and that you could receive an invitation
to the "Alpha" testing by going to and filling in the
form they have there. Ok,

There is a hint of what will be happening with some dates listed.
See below.
- LRK -

Request an Invitation to On Orbit

SpaceRef presents On Orbit, a new personalized interactive service
launching in the near future. On Orbit is currently an invitation-only
alpha service, which means you must receive an invitation from On Orbit
to sign up for the service.
[Fill in the form here. - LRK -]

What is On Orbit?
June 19: It's personalized and interactive
June 20: It's Web 2.0
June 21: It will start in Alpha so you can have a say in what goes to Beta
June 22: It's commercial, community and cognitive
June 25: It may help you find a job
June 26: Is participatory <>
June 27: Is where Government meets Alt Space
June 28: ...?

Have what it takes to be On Orbit producer?
Then contact us at orbitproducer At and get interactive.
These are non-paying positions to start.

Copyright © 2007 SpaceRef Interactive Inc.

There was the June 26 date and the link which takes you to the web page
for the Participatory Exploration Summit at Ames.
Well, back to a place mentioned and I though I should poke around a bit
Come with me.
- LRK -
If you went on June 25 you could have signed up for a tour of NASA Ames
if you were one of the the first 35.
The Summit instructions are here if you want to see what was expected of
the participants.

Here is the link for day one and day two schedules.

The session topics are Hot-Links to more information about the sessions.

If you would like to be part of a community that is interested in
developing space then Session 2 has some ideas and links that might work
for you.
Session 2: Participatory Exploration Opportunities 1: New Media, Web2.0,

Having mentioned my reading of "Return To Mars" by Ben Bova and his
portrayal of using VR suits to entertain those folks that were still
Earth side, I found the material in Session 3 worth considering. Make
sure you look at the Session links at the bottom of the long list of ideas.
Session 3: Participatory Exploration Opportunities: Virtual Worlds and

Will just copy the Session 4A and 4B links and you can check that out as
well. Much food for thought for us who may never go to the Moon or Mars
but would like to participate in the exploration and share with a larger

Session 4A: Bringing It Inside NASA: Overview of Participatory
Exploration Implementation Considerations

Session 4B: Bringing it Inside NASA: Defining Implementation of
Participatory Exploration

If these links fail to come across in plain text just go to the day two
schedule page. and select them there.

Thanks for looking up with me. [who is making VR suits?]

Alien Visit - MrKaah

Larry Kellogg

Web Site:
RSS link:

SpaceRef is pleased to announce that we're launching a new service. If you
would like to receive an invitation to be an Alpha user please visit
On Orbit.

Today's question: What is On Orbit?
It's organic.

In today's space news from SpaceRef:

-- Earth as a Classroom

"In July 2007 several hundred students will get look over the shoulder of space researchers at a remote research base in the Canadian arctic. The place: Devon Island, a
place many call "Mars on Earth". Our team will visit Devon Island to conduct 5 days of webcasts
and other instructional activities spanning the period of 16-20 July 2007. This activity is
sponsored by the Mars Institute and the Challenger Center for Space Science Education with additional
assistance from The Explorers Club and SpaceRef Interactive, Inc. and from the team itself."




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