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Sunday, August 10, 2003

China's First Lunar Steps: "China's First Lunar Steps Outlined In Sydney IAU Presentation

by Morris Jones
Sydney - Jul 21, 2003
Since China announced its plans for human spaceflight, plans for Chinese exploration of the solar system have also featured in media reports. The human and robotic elements of China's space program together form an overall increase in China's ambitions in space.
While information on the Shenzhou crew-carrying spacecraft is relatively abundant, Chinese officials have been extremely vague about their plans for exploring the moon and beyond. Some media reports have even painted wild speculations of Chinese astronauts on the moon within ten years, a clearly ludicrous proposition.
More light on China's lunar program was recently provided at the 25th Annual Congress of the International Astronomical Union in Sydney this year, when a delegate from the Chinese Academy of Sciences gave a brief presentation."


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