Many folks would like to see us back on the Moon and developing its resources.

Monday, August 18, 2003

Exhibits at Chabot: Mars Encounter: "Mars Encounter
What do you know about the planet Mars? Could you plan a mission to Mars? What will interplanetary adventure travel be like?
Mars Encounter invites visitors to explore Mars' place in our culture, investigate the accomplishments of past missions to Mars, follow the progress of current missions to Mars, and consider future Mars exploration, when human astronauts will experience the Red Planet first-hand.

This family friendly exhibit features a four-foot tactile Mars globe, complete with craters and volcanoes; a Martian meteorite; a Martian sci-fi theater; a Mars Mission Control where visitors can obtain data on current and past missions; videos of Rover missions; a Mars quiz game; a virtual vacation to Mars; and a play area for the younger crowd that includes a photo-op with a Martian!

The exhibit will be continually updated and changed as additional Mars research and exploration takes place. Chabot is a member of the Mars Visualization Alliance, part of the NASA 'Mars Exploration Program (MER) Engagement Plan,' which sends members Mars mission data in near real-time as it becomes available from the rovers.

This new exhibit was developed by Chabot in collaboration with West Office Exhibition Design of Oakland, and funded through a grant from NASA."

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