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Monday, August 18, 2003

US blackout: Indian wins kudos for meals - "US blackout: Indian wins kudos for meals

Saturday, 16 August , 2003, 12:06

New York: As New York reeled under a severe power cut, an Indian restaurant owner earned much praise for traditional Indian hospitality.
When the lights failed Thursday night, several restaurants downed shutters. Those that remained open doubled or tripled their prices but the stranded had nowhere else to go.
As ATM machines did not work and credit cards became useless, those with little cash had a tough time.
In this greedy jungle, Madras Mahal on Lexington Avenue, owned by Nitin Vyas, offered free meals to the hungry.
More importantly, it provided free cold water when the going rate for a small drinking water bottle was five dollars compared to usual one dollar.
The restaurant served rice with the Punjabi dish Channa-Bhatura and tea which was much in demand.
Even last afternoon, there was a queue of hungry people outside the restaurant waiting for a free meal. "


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