Many folks would like to see us back on the Moon and developing its resources.

Friday, August 15, 2003

: "

Nick Sagan

Read by Clayton Barclay Jones with Beth McDonald

A fast-paced, stylish, near-future thriller that fuses the fierce imagination of The Matrix with the chilling social vision of Minority Report.

He wakes alone, nameless, in a strangely bucolic day-after-tomorrow world. His amnesia is near-total; he cannot remember his name and doesn't recognize anything around him, but he knows with absolute certainty that someone has tried to kill him--and will surely try again.

Not knowing who, if anyone, he can trust, he reacquaints himself with eight companions, all of whom are being trained (for what?) at an esoteric academy run by a cryptic superintendent named Maestro. As he tries to discover the identity of the person who wants him dead, he quickly begins to unravel a series of sinister truths, which make it clear that the ramifications of his search are far greater than he could ever have imagined. Much more than his own life is at stake.

Idlewild takes the best of its genre and transcends it, creating a story that will appeal to readers far beyond the traditi8onal sceince fiction fan base."

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